Free-to-access, interactive, online platform that helps founders with the most crucial aspects of building their business

The platform is 100% free and accessible to all founders. Use this as an on-demand toolbox to build your startup for scale or as a first step into our accelerator program. Completion of the online modules will significantly increase your chances of crafting a winning application. Once you start in the program, we will require you to have gone through the online material.

Sign up today and gain instant access to video tutorials and interactive tools.


Our platform is a digital native. We’ve spent significant time and energy on re-thinking the content and format so it makes sense in a digital universe. We’ve invited seasoned entrepreneurs and experts in different fields to contribute with engaging and chunk-sized tutorials on the topics they know most about.

In short, the engaging video sequences convey easy-to-apply knowledge on everything you need to nail when building your business for rapid scaling.


The video tutorials are supported by real-life cases from startups that we have worked with in the past: Trust Pilot, Donkey Republic and many more. The cases give provide inspiration on how to put the ideas from the modules into practice.


Each module contains online tools that let you apply what you’ve just learned to your own startup directly on the platform. They provide a fantastic resource you can return to and work with over and over again.

Track your

The online platform is designed for you to fit into your busy work day. Use it as an on-demand toolbox that you can return to when it fits you the best. You can easily track your progress and jump back in where you left off.

Craft your application

If  you like what you see on the platform and choose to apply to our core accelerator, having completed the modules will put you in a position to craft a winning application. You will apply directly through the platform, saving you the effort of filling out a lengthy application.


The online platform is freely accessible and free to use for all startup founders. We only ask you to go through a simple sign-up process.

The online platform contains video tutorials to fundamental elements of building a business. We exemplify the content of each module with real-life case studies from startups we have worked with in the past. Each module also contains online tools to start applying what you learned to your own startup.

We have taken the crucial modules from our core accelerator program and made them accessible online. You can start today and use them when it fits your schedule.

Having gone through the material will substantially increase your chances of crafting a successful application and pitch.

Once you start the core acceleration program, we will require that you have completed the modules.

Yes, we track your progression through the modules and have access to information you choose to share with us. We do not look into what you write in the online tools.

We will never share any data we collect and process outside of our organization. You can read more about our privacy policy here: www.beyondbeta.dk/privacy-policy

We understand that some info you might provide during the sign-up process and on the platform is sensible to your business. 
We handle this with utmost care and will never share this with anyone outside  our organization.

You can read more about our privacy policy here: www.beyondbeta.dk/privacy-policy

Yes, definitely!
And we advise you to do so.
You will find all information on how to send your application on the platform.

We have developed a native online platform made up from key parts of our full acceleration program. Sign up today and gain instant access to video tutorials and interactive tools about the most crucial things you absolutely need to set up your business for rapid scaling.

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